Series on: Photographic Therapeutic Story-Boarding , #4

Anorexia and bulimia at the onset, an provide a facade of control and desired identity.  The client may feel a sense of victory in their striving for perfection. They see their thinness as an ideal that is within reach.

Storyboarding the anorexic or bulimic internal struggle can reveal externally and pictorially to the client, their twisted internal struggles. These struggles display the irony of the comfort the client derives from their condition... at first. The insidious nature of the condition over-powers them and they end up battling for control of their own minds.

Rather than being a solution, anorexia and bulimia becomes the problem.
We help the client understand how the condition can have a face all of it's own... something that enslaves them. if two people reside within them. The first being the persona who knows what needs to be done. The second being the manipulator making them do things contrary to their own well-being. 

By helping to develop an external visual image, clients are able to split from their anxieties that haunt them in daily life. They're able to watch the process unfold. Thus providing the ability to see their condition for what it really is.... dichotomous and harmful, rather than the epitome of perfection.

Many of those who are battling anorexia and bulimia may also battle other addictions.

Some will be addicted to laxatives, or prescription stimulants, while others try crystal meth, or cocaine; as they struggle to maintain their weight. 
These drugs promise a boosted metabolism and help to decrease clients appetites. This offers them a hope of a dramatic weight loss in a very short period. 
Again... showing the client the frantic and unbalanced nature of these choices, in an over-exaggerated simulation, can put things into perspective for the client. It allows the client to discuss the nature of the control over them, in a safe and understanding environment.

Breaking Free from the grip of these sorts of issues is often extremely distressing for the client and their families.


It requires a washing away of all the 
incongruent physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components that have sedimented themselves over the years.

Victory is possible... Imagery can show them there is a tangible process back to loving themselves once again.... a way out of darkness and into the light.

Photography is all about light... It can be used very effectively in conjunction with communication and love, to illuminate a new path for those who seek it.