Graduation, Chelsea Hanson, and preserving your Stories!

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Congratulations to Chelsea Hanson!!! :)... We had such a fun time during her photo session here at Gainsboro!!! She is just a super, down to earth kind of gal!!! We also were able to incorporate her family, including her grandparents into the shoot.... which made the story of the day so much more personal and touching! Thanks so much to the  Sandra , and the Hanson family for visiting  us!! 
 I don't usually do this kind of long commentary, but I want to take this opportunity to talk about how important documenting her day - ( and all of our clients) events are to us!!!
 High School Graduation is such an important day. In the ranks of most important days in our lives, it is up there on the memorable milestones of our lives. No matter the issues that high school may have had, it is still always a turning point, a new chapter, and a fresh slate to be written upon, a new beginning in our destinies. 
As a parent, I am glad I made it an important memory in the photo albums of my children's lives.....
As the owner of Gainsboro Photography Studio​, I urge you to not only make sure you document this new beginning, but also to to print your memories. The digital age has caused us to rely on technology to store all the memories we hold dear.... but this is not only fallible, but also, it is a loss of connection to our stories. 
It is proven that our brains process the things that we touch differently . The research is quite interesting on the subject, Please feel free to read some links for more on that subject.... 
Scientists probe connection between sight and touch in the brain:
We retain so much less than we would if we were holding a photograph and flipping the pages of an album. So  we urge you once again, to imbed those memories, especially the major milestones, -  in a way that is lasting and tangible.
..... print your photographs, do't just leave them on a hard drive!
.... also, in conclusion :
 Please consider trusting Gainsboro Studio with the archiving of your families once in a life time events. We look forward to seeing you at the studio! :)  
(or call 403 5263054 for more information!)
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