Glamorous Grad....

Grad sessions are in full Swing, .... and we are having so much fun!

Don't lose this precious moment in time!! Getting senior photos taken at a professional, well-established venue is highly important; an experienced photographer has the skills necessary not only to take a pretty picture of a high school grad; they know how to draw out the most beautiful facets of the subject’s personality to allow their bright passions to shine through into the photograph. When I talk about a professional portrait session for a high school graduate’s photos, I am not referencing the fake smiles, cheesy poses, silly outfits, and drab blue/gray background that is used for traditional school portraits or what grad pictures used to be.

Here at Gainsboro Studio, we are advocating for a beautiful portrait session that centers wholly and completely around the grads’s life, interests, and personality. The photographer must get to know the subject of the images before taking photographs, because you can’t capture the essence of a person in a single "snapshot" unless you truly know who they are first. Faked smiles in these images may as well be labeled a crime; this isn’t about faking happiness. High school grad's are pumped about graduating and they’re excited about the future. While a below-average studio may use photographers that tend to suck the presence out of their subject, a highly-rated portrait studio features photographers that elicit this young elatedness from the student to provoke genuine attitudes that convey easily into a glowing image. 

The high school student brings their own outfits, help to choose their poses with the photographer’s input, can choose the background and even the venue of the photo (indoors or out, places outside the studio can be possible, although the studio itself features great backgrounds and props to mimic other scenes) to best display the grad’s personality.

Who are they? What type of photo captures their true essence?

It’s important to take these photos now because every almost-graduate I have ever met is in the deepest throes of their passions at this moment in their young lives. In fact, it would do the to-be graduate a great disservice to not document this incredible moment. Having a portrait session to celebrate the final year of high school and to celebrate graduation is to rejoice in the great future that is to come in a young person’s life.

I firmly believe it is of the utmost importance to document this gala via photographs. I must say I've thoroughly enjoyed every single high school grad photo shoot I've ever had the pleasure to take part in; the students are excited about this milestone in their life and they are always so eager to move onto the next step. This is precisely why professional photos are necessary at this time—this time really will only last a moment.

The beautiful subjects of our photos are looking hard into the future and forgetting to look in the mirror at the beauty that is the now.

If YOU have put off making an appointment for the day of graduation, there are still 1 or 2 spots left, but if we can't get you in on the day of, it is quite popular now to set a second day aside, either before or after grad, and do them on a day that is a bit less jam packed for time.

It allows either for a trial day for hair and makeup, or for you to wear that expensive and fabulous outfit one more time! Some people who are not planning on wearing the dress or selling it afterwards, even do a trash-the-dress-session, (where we intentionally get it wet or messy/ dirty... I know, to some this sounds CRAZY...but to each his own! :-) just to do something fun and different!

WE can even incorporate a family shoot in less formal attire! Call and set up your appointment today!!

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