June 2013

Our son was married on June 8th... he is a serious+++ blessing to me and always has been. His father would have been so proud to see him marry his beautiful new wife, and new caretaker of his heart, Cheri Bateman. He has married into a legacy of Faith and love, which does my spirit good. 

We flew in a photographer friend from Orlando Florida, because I knew my hands would shake to much, and I probably wouldn't be able to see through the tears of happiness. I am so glad we did this, these images are such treasures to have and will forever bring me joy! Nicole Katz from Nicole Katz Photography did an amazing job ...she was such a wonderful and supportive photographer and friend, to have here on her first visit to Canada! 

She went above and beyond for this outdoor-planned-turned-rainy-day and worked so hard. She left her home and her beautiful daughter with her loving mother in Orlando. She showed up bearing 2 suitcases of equipment specifically chosen and packed for the event.....She then started 3 days of prep; setting up of lighting, attending rehearsals, and scoping out possible locations. Then she was up at 5 am and worked until midnight on the wedding night,... Read full blog article