Gainsboro Returns from Las Vegas Nevada..... So Awesome!!!

This image is only half of one of the two rooms of the Trade Show offerings at WPPI in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We have just returned from WPPI (wedding and Portrait Photographers International)....We love to attend this huge, week long learning experience and Trade Show in Vegas on a yearly basis. WE may not get out to see much of Vegas, but attending  keeps us current and fresh. We bring home amazing amounts of products and benefits, for our clients.

It is a large investment in time, money and  effort, but we feel our clients deserve an ongoing influx of ideas and up to date knowledge base. In this world of ever changing computers and digital learning, it's easy to get lost in it or to give up even trying to keep up....

This week of Intensive master-classes and speakers, (of which the list to choose from is  star studded,spectacular and huge) allows us to put the necessary into perspective and makes sense of all that is out there to offer our clients.)

I am not referring to the silly trinkets or photo booth kind of add-on's...(albeit that stuff is there) But more of the ability to choose and sift through the techniques and products that are worthwhile and classy additions to the studio. This ensures  our clients that we are providing a quality and over the top experience for them. This is the goal and continuing endeavor that allows our motto to be:

Gainsboro Studio; Experience the Difference!