February 2018

I have attached a screen shot from google image search on modern headshots  - as an example...
Which images draw you in to look at the person , or even to linger on a persons image among a sea of other peoples images? We are inundated daily with tons of social media selfies/avatars and headshots as we surf the web. 
The individuals who really created the idea that a fabulous headshot is a necessity, were actors, and entertainers.
People who needed to get noticed ... people who know that the casting directors might look through 3000 images in a day ,
looking for just the "right" look for a role.  They all know that they NEED to do something to stand out in a crowd. 
So, recently photographers have started to follow their trends in the headshot business...
In the sampling below, we see how a lot of  headshots are being done by the most elite of photographers nowadays ...
and the reason for cropping in so tightly , isn't because we want to zoom, in or be artistic.
The reason is because studies show that the images we tend to gravitate towards, are the images that succeed in... Read full blog article