Photography records the gamut of feelings written on the human face, the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited, and the wealth and confusion man has created. It is a major force in explaining man to man. ~Edward Steichen


Studio Sessions

The studio session includes a short consultation. Usually at the time of booking.
there will be a short questionnaire regarding your likes and dislikes, as knowing who you are helps us provide a session tailored to you.

The consultation allows you to look at a portfolio of samples and discuss your preferences with the photographer. we will discuss how best to coordinate colors, fabrics and outfits in those who will be photographed.
Session fees are required at the time of booking, and pre-purchased packages garner a 15% investment savings!
The following information is intended to serve as helpful guidelines and should not be considered requirements for your session.

 Glamor and Boudoir sessions   Please peruse our  PDF Boudoir info BARE Magazine  for prices and more info! 

 Gainsboro Studio offers Glamor and Boudoir sessions throughout the year. Sessions are available for individuals, or couples can come in together.

For those not familiar with what a Boudoir session is; it is a session that creates tasteful images, that produce a hint at sexiness. Each person has his or

her own idea of what defines sexy, as well as what he or she finds comfortable. It can be cute, fun, flirty or even a bit sensual... all the while

maintaining each client’s particular appropriate level of discretion. Gainsboro provides a consultation before the session, to discuss how best

to maintain comfort levels throughout the session.

These images are often given as gifts seen by your significant other. Make great gifts for Valentine’s or for a bride or groom.

These sessions are the most fun you’ll ever have during photo shoot. There’s no pressure to wrangle children or pressure of

big-day-events. It is a laid back studio experience, where it’s all about you. You pick the outfits, shoes etc. you want to include and Gainsboro

Studio makes the magic happen. The experiences are only limited by your imagination. Bring whatever clothing and props you would like...

Even if you do not have someone you want to give these photos to, right at this moment, a Glamor or Boudoir session can impress on

you just how beautiful, confident and amazing you really are. Scheduling a session with Gainsboro means you’ll have a wonderful variety

of photos looking your best to present to the one you love on Valentine’s Day. Gainsboro Studio specializes in helping clients see

the best parts of themselves. You can even book your session on Valentine’s Day itself. While everyone else is dining at a crowded

restaurant, you can be having a unique experience that both will always remember and cherish.

Give a truly memorable Valentine’s Day gift or experience

that you will remember for years.Give the gift of 

a Gainsboro! 



Coordinating clothing with family members is paramount to having a spectacular family portrait. Whites, pastels and earth tones in solid colors look best where prints and patterns will distract attention from faces.
Avoid selecting wardrobe items that feature strong patterns, bright colors, busy prints, or logos. Bright colors can work, but sometimes will be overpowering.
Apparel featuring those characteristics can draw attention away from your face, the most important area of your photos.

To make sure your wardrobe is presented in the best possible light, you should first make sure it's pressed and clean. An insignificant wrinkle can sometimes ruin an otherwise great photo. You should also ensure your undergarments aren't visible through your outer layers of clothing. Bra straps are notorious for causing problems in photos. And if you're wearing white or semitransparent items, try to remove tags from your garments. Under certain lighting conditions, these tags can sometimes be visible in your photographs. Although this consideration may not always be possible, consider avoiding wardrobe items that are made out of 100% cotton, linen, tweed, stripes, bulky knits, busy prints, shiny silk, satin, and shantung. The nature of these fabrics and accessories can pose unique difficulties in photography. You should also avoid wearing multiple layers of clothing. Multiple layers can often add perceived weight in photographs and make you appear bulky.

And finally, unless you're very thin, avoid sleeveless shirts, sweaters, or blouses. Even for slender subjects, it's often difficult to focus attention on your face if your bare arm is competing for attention in the photograph.


Do you like to camp, motorcycle, bicycle or do other activities as a family? We can photograph you with your vehicle, boat, camper or any object that defines your family's personality and style.
For individuals, Hats, musical instruments, sports equipment and uniforms, sunglasses, hobby items, stuffed animals and anything else that says, “This is me!” should be brought along

Please feel free to bring your own I POD and let us know preferences for music during your session

Removing glass glare from your portraits adds retouching to your order. You can have your lenses removed from your eyeglasses for your portrait session or pick up a matching empty frame from your eyeglass provider. Especially if you wear transition lenses.

If you are going to get your hair cut and styled prior to your portrait session it is often best to have that done one or two weeks prior to the photo session. If photographed immediately after having a new hair cut and style you may not look like you in your portraits.

Mustaches and beards should be neatly trimmed, otherwise a fresh shave looks best.

Keep your make-up natural and bring it along for those necessary touch ups. Try not to add glittery or frosted makeup.

Bring loose powder to cut down on shine. Neutral lip color or gloss will add interest to your portrait and make your lips moist and not cracked or dry.

Avoid the sun and tanning booths prior to your portrait session. A little sun looks good, but we can’t take the red out of a sunburn.

Bring along a friend or two for a group picture at no extra charge

Sense of Humor
Your portrait session will be comfortable, relaxed, informal and fun. We’ll talk, we’ll laugh and we'll capture in your portraits who you are. So bring your sense of humor along above all else.

Sometimes children get shy or get excited and rambunctious when they are going to be photographed. That's OK! Feel free to bring water or clear soda and a treat like hard candy or something that isn’t messy that the children can have as a treat for behaving. Let them bring a favorite toy to play with. If your child is comfortable and relaxed, the distractions of a portrait session won’t stress them out....and best of all, you will feel prepared and comfortable.

Newborn sessions are intended for babies up to 3 months old. It can't be stressed enough that coming in during the first 14 days of the babies life will give you the absolute best images. These sessions cater to the baby's needs with flexible feeding and changing times. No pressure for time, and the studio will be kept fairly warm to keep baby happy, so keep that in mind when you decide what to wear while you are in the studio. Partners and/or siblings are welcome at no additional charge. Custom hand-made birth announcements and/or baby shower invitations are available


Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again. ~Henri Cartier-Bresson

Your photographs are the only thing that last after the flowers die, the food is eaten and the dress is hung in the closet. It is so important to document the day, as even the greatest of memories fade. When budgeting for your wedding, really take the time to contemplate what will continue to give you, your family and your future lasting enjoyment and meaning.

Gainsboro Studio provides you with an experience that is archived for generations to come. All our images are archived for future generations. What will you really do with a CD in a drawer? Invest in the art that creates the experience for you over and over again. Experience the Gainsboro Difference.

Our wedding Packages include every detail of your wedding, and will give you an elite experience unsurpassed in the wedding industry. We include the engagement session, the announcement/thank you cards and a trash-the-dress and/or a pre-wedding boudoir session (something to leave for your groom when you depart the night before the wedding) Family sessions are also included and booked a day or two before the wedding.(wouldn't the family love images where you are not in your wedding attire... and wouldn't you LOVE not cramming that in on your special day?) We do not provide trinkets, or gimmicks. We provide art, peace of mind and quality.

If you want the best wedding experience possible, want to be treated like royalty on your day, and want the Cadillac wedding experience, then Gainsboro Studio can provide you with what you are looking for.