William Shatner Interview & Photo Gallery

I have been a fan of William Shatner AKA Captain James T. Kirk, since I was a grade school kid. Then, he was Denny Crane in Boston Legal, well; that was even better. I determined I would meet the man one day. Then Calgary’s Comic and Entertainment Expo advertised my icon as their main headliner. So I sent an e-mail asking for an interview. I was told, sorry he only does three interviews and those with major media.

We attended the event and there he was…sequestered behind a curtained room. Hundreds of fans paid $75.00 for the privilege of standing before his highness long enough for him to sign his name. Glimpses of the great one could be captured as adoring fans were hustled out the side of the signing room.

I politely asked for five minutes from staff that travels with him. Sorry was the reply (three different times.)

As fate and persistence would have it, I was in the parking lot as his ride was picking him up, I called “please, one question Mr. Shatner,” He got in the limo. A few minutes later he emerged looked at me and I thought, he is going to walk over…he didn’t. I turned to my photographer and said let’s go. As we chatted, I looked up and a few feet away, he was standing looking at me. “One question please,” I asked.

Shatner: “Okay what is it?”

Cowan: “If there was only one thing,”… He abruptly turned his back and walked away….

Shatner: “I’ve heard that before,” he said as he disappeared

So ended my interview of a life time…

Another celebrity I spoke with told me, “You never know Bill until you’re alone with him. He is always acting, be it in front of a camera or an audience.”

I was and now, I know.

I shared my experience later and was told the day I met him, he was under tremendous stress. I prefer to believe my idol isn’t who he appeared to be in our conversation. I hope to again have the opportunity to correct the bad taste left in my mouth. It does make me think how I treat others.

But in any event, celebrity and money is no deodorant for the stench of rudeness.