Senator Sam Brownback


An Evening with Sam Brownback


     Chipeur Advocates, Calgary’s most prestigious law firm hosted an evening with Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas. A private room at The Petroleum Club catered only fifty discriminating VIP’s. The room floated on enough star power and cash to fund the overthrow of several small countries.

      Senator Brownback is rumored to be a presidential candidate.  He carefully declined ruling out that possibility, which in political language means recent trips to Iowa and other important states are a precursor for running. His wife would definitely make a charming first lady.

      Thomas K. Huffaker, U.S. Consul General, was engaging and approachable as well, accompanied Sam to the venue. Both confirmed we should renew our passports if you plan travel south of the 49th parallel.

      Brownback spoke on wide ranging topics fielding questions from the floor. His speech and interaction was refreshingly extemporaneous, being presented without notes and minus typical rhetoric. Insights were heartfelt and pregnant with intelligence information generally unavailable. Asked about a nuclear Iran, he spoke at length regarding the terrorist mentality of the Iranian President. He reinforced neither Israel nor the USA would allow such capability. The choice is fighting them therein their streets or in North America. He stressed the critical importance of winning the war on terror while simultaneously birthing Muslim democracies. Citing Indonesia and Turkey as successful examples, he concluded Iraq and Afghanistan can be included if they’re brought into the world economy.

      The Senator continuously referred to Canada’s friendship hoping it expands stressing the original free trade model.

      Brownback’s travel to the Sudan inspired great concerns regarding ongoing genocide instigated by Muslim terrorists.

      Contrasting the biblical story of Lazerus and the Rich Man. Lazerus would have been happy even with the crumbs from the rich man’s table, but received nothing. Both died, Lazerus went to Heaven, while the Rich Man found himself in Hell. Brownback believes that Africa (Lazerus) can save the soul of America (the Rich Man,) if we we’ll invest pennies to alleviate malaria and other suffering. He challenged listeners to forget Hawaii and take an “impact tour,” of a needy nation. Brownback will return to Kansas and the governor’s office after touring the oil sands.

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