George Sada Interview & Photo Gallery

More ink has been spent claiming George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; than any comparable story in recent memory. Therefore, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq is unjust.

I spent time with General Georges Sada and had the record set strait. He rose up through the ranks of the Iraqi air force based on achievement. He was trained as a top gun pilot in the USA when Saddam was still in the good graces of the USA administration. Later he received extensive training flying Mig jets in the Soviet Union. He was promoted to the rank of two stars general. His military career involved flying super sonic jet fighters and leading men. His personal story is one of Hollywood dimension. Hailing from Assyria and being Christian, he was the only ranking officer in Hussein’s inner circle who was not a Muslim.

Saddam once invited him to his palace for dinner. He was in fear of being killed knowing Saddam’s habit of having a last meal with his victims. Saddam laughed when he hesitated eating reassuring him the food was not poisoned. After the meal he said, “Georges eighteen times you have defied my orders but eighteen times you were right. That is why I keep you around, you’re the only one who tells me the truth!”

Sada recounted an incredible story. Saddam had over ninety planes on the tarmac waiting for the order to deploy. They were loaded with chemical weapons of mass destruction. All other officers present were applauding Saddam telling him he would be the new lion of the Arab world. No one dared defy him when he was determined on a course of action.

“Georges what do you think,” asked Saddam?

“Our pilots will be destroyed because they are all blind.”

“What do you mean he thundered?” Officers held their breath knowing he would be shot or worse.

“Mr. President our French jets and Migs are equipped with radar of a fifteen mile radius. Israel has American fighters equipped with a one hundred and fifty mile radius. Our enemies will engage us and fire their missiles before we know they are there. I estimate one to three planes will reach Israel. Saddam was willing to issue the order if even one plane reached Israel. Our jets and their payloads will rain down on Syria. They will think we have attacked them and will respond. Israel will fire nuclear weapons vaporizing our cities.”

Saddam ordered the planes to stand down. Officers and commanders were all aware of the code which meant to arm planes with chemical weapons or tipped artillery. “Special ordinances required” was all that was necessary for weapons of mass destruction to be brought out of hiding and used.

Before the USA attacked Iraq, three commercial aircraft were used to make sixty sorties to Syria removing the stocks of chemical weapons. More yet was sent on caravans of trucks. UN inspectors were handed brief cases full of money to wave through the convoys of vehicles. Saddam joked about how he moved weapons from one place to the other ahead of inspectors as if in a game of chess. He ordered scientists to memorize their research so laboratories could be set back in place at a moments notice. Then the evidence was burned.

A leading British investigative reporter spent hours hearing his stories. Finally he said, “General I believe every thing you have told me but I can’t write this story. It is the opinion of my paper that Tony Blair should lose the election. If I report your story he will win.”

One of the three leading USA networks interviewed Sada asking if he could identify voices on a video tape obtained in one of Saddam’s palaces. He named all the men accurately only hearing the audio. They were discussing plans to drop chemical weapons in the water supply of Washington DC. It would have been a massive death count. This attack was prevented by George Bush’s invasion. The network did not report on the evidence.

One of Sada’s most serious revelations was that Saddam had paid a ten million dollar cash deposit to the Chinese government. This payment was for the purchase of nuclear devices. The delivery of the weapons was also prevented by the American invasion.

The British Government has bestowed their highest civilian award on General Sada for preventing Saddam’s son from executing over forty coalition pilots during the first gulf war. Most of which were American military. To date the USA has issued no formal recognition.

General Sada has given extensive testimony to USA officials regarding the weapons of mass destruction and the whereabouts of the same. Democrat sub-committees are fully aware of the information and for political partisan reasons choose to suppress the evidence.

I asked if there was a compassionate or human side to Saddam. The general responded by saying that looking into the face of Saddam was to see evil personified. The only time he laughed was when others were being tortured or dying. His son’s were worse. He knew him before he rose to power. Their wives taught at the same school. He was nothing more than a gangster back then. Murder up close or on a scale of tens of thousands was the same to this man who enslaved Iraq.

The UN “oil for food program,” was a joke only feeding the army. The UN embargo only gave Saddam time to rearm. He would send Iraqi oil tankers to Iran off loading his oil trading for Iran’s for a handling premium. When Iraqi barges were stopped and tested, they contained Iranian oil and were sent on their way. Iran’s tankers transporting the Iraqi oil were not stopped.

The general claims Saddam would have obtained more chemical weapons and very quickly nuclear arms. He wouldn’t have hesitated attacking Israel and he absolutely intended to smuggle weapons of mass destruction on to American soil.

Was George W. Bush a poor president or a savior of epic proportion? You decide.

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